Base Wine Rack Unit | Kitchen Cabinets

Base Wine Rack Unit Base units are 720mm high plus 150 mm legs and 560mm deep.

Unit shown is 300 mm wide to hold 10 bottles but available 150mm wide to hold 5 bottles.

Units can be made in a variety of colours to match our vinyl covered doors.

High Gloss Black, White, Vanilla and Alabaster finishes carry a 30% surcharge

Aluminium, Titanium and Matt Black finishes carry a 10% surcharge

Hinges and adjustable feet included where relevant

For a small extra charge, cabinets can be made in special sizes

Please contact the showroom for help and further information on bespoke cabinets

Delivery Charge is £75.00 irrespective of how many units are ordered * Delivery could be subject to surcharge in some areas, notably Scotland, Wales and the West Country, please enquire for details*

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720 mm x 150 mm x 560 mm £ 117.95
720 mm x 300 mm x 560 mm £ 154.50