Kitchen & Bedroom Design

It may be that you know exactly what units you want. If so, just send us a list and we'll supply you with them at the prices shown, or you can order them online by clicking on Bella Fitted Kitchens or Bella Fitted Bedrooms or go to the Home Page and click on the relevant section.

If you are not sure what units you want but you already have plans, please send the plans to us and we'll quote you from those. In due course, after we've quoted and you have accepted and paid your deposit, we'll ask you to check some critical measurements before we order from the factory, just to double check that the person who drew the plans got the measurements right!

If you haven't got plans, you can send us a room layout with sizes marked, as in the sketch below, but please show all windows and doors and give some indication of where you would like the sink and the cooker.


We can then design and price your kitchen for you

If you would like proper CAD plans drawn before proceeding, we can arrange for this to be done for an additional fee, but only once you have agreed a price for the supply of your new kitchen or fitted bedroom and paid your deposit.

We do not draw plans on a casual basis because it is not a service we cost into the products we sell. If we offered a "free design service", we would have to increase our prices to cover this and we want to keep our prices as low as possible